Our Approach

If we had a "philosophy" for our business, it would be that we are part of a community.

We are a family company based in our home town of Anzac Alberta, Canada.

We understand that the work we do and the reputation we have is how our friends and neighbours see us.

We do our best every day to ensure that we keep our integrity and standards high which is our commitment to our customers and community.

We have been through the ups and downs of the economic rolercoaster of the area, we have weathered the storms and we have even survived the fires; We are community Strong.

Our Story

KCK Sales and Rentals Ltd. is a family owned and operated business that was started in 2011 in Anzac Alberta, Canada.

Being family owned and operated in our home town means a lot to us and is part of our commitment to integrity we have for our neighbours and customers.

We currently have a shop at the Nexen site where we perform fleet maintenance and detailing.

In Anzac and area we offer a wide variety of services and sales items including fleet maintenance and detailing, tire and rim sales, lot maintenance (snow removal and sweeping) and sea can freight container rentals, sales and deliveries.

We pride ourselves on being safe, professional, efficient and detail oriented, KCK Sales and Rentals Ltd. is here to help.

Meet the Team


Kevin Woytkiw

Kevin has a wide range of knowledge in vehicle maintenance and repair, driving and equipment usage.

His history of heavy wrecker tow truck experience has given him unique strategic and safety consciousnesses and the ability of think outside the box when presented with problems to resolve.

He is a leader both at work and with the Anzac Volunteer fire department where he is a deputy Chief and active first responder.


Kaylea Woytkiw

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Darryl Woytkiw

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